Monday, July 30, 2012

My latest obsession: anklets

The title said it all, my latest obsession for this summer 2012 was definitely anklets. 

I used to wear bracelets in my teen years, but you know with young kids and my hands always doing some chores, it's really not practical to wear them anymore, but that doesn't mean that I cannot dress my ankles, right? 

 So, this summer months I went on to the quest for the best anklet. 

I wasn't very sure of what style I wanted, so I initially bought a couple of very thin and cheap anklets, very cute with little shells and stars charms, but they broke immediately the first time I went swimming :( 

Then I found this precious, sparkly gem in Cindy's shop, Sea Breeze Jewels and what can I say, I love blue and fell in love head over heels for this baby......wouldn't you???  
Although I love it dearly, I must confess that I was afraid to sleep with it, I didn't wanna crash the precious beads or risk to loose will brake my heart!! 

So, on I went on my quest for something equally cute, practical and not to difficult to match with my clothing and I found this beauty from Kathy Jo Kreations 

 I really love the softness of the hemp rather than having a chain, plus it still has blue beads, accentuated my the bright red ones that match my toe nails....what else could I ask???

Well, now that I think about it, maybe I should have gotten the black one too.......

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Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

Being all about jewelry, I must confess I never really got into wearing anklets.

Although I never wore shorts, so wearing pants and anklets just seemed impractical to me.

Maybe now that I'm able to wear shorts, I can start looking around for ankle jewelry ^.^

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