Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's day!

Very sorry to miss our appointment with Random Saturdays yesterday: my daughter Michelle had ear ache again and I'm at lost of what to do this time, since the antibiotic didn't work last time. Tonight she seems to be a little bit better, so hopefully she will no need any meds.

But I wanted to be here tonight to say Happy Mother's day to all my reader, to all the moms, grandmas, pet mommies and soon-to-be mom out there.
How did you celebrate? Did you get anything? Something you wanted?

We stayed put since my daughter was sick and I'm not really a person to ask for gifts.
But hubby gave me a sweet surprise, which is odd since he usually forgets this kind of things.
I'm not sure I already wrote about this, but me and hubby are dating again. No, nothing is wrong in our marriage and we never separated, but when you have children constantly around, sometimes the "adult" relationship suffer a little.
So, now that the kids are both in school (for another month anyway) we cut one day a week where we go to lunch-dates in places where usually we don't go with the kids, you know some nice restaurants where they don't serve only chicken nuggets and french fries and we don't have to color the menu until the food is on the table LOL
And I think those dates are bringing us closer and that's why he remembered that today was Mother's day and he brought me a fantastic red rose!
And was it sweeter is that he gave it to Gabriel so the little man "gift it" to me!!!! Too sweet!
And now I leave you all with a sweet treasury where I had the honor to be featured:
Sugar Mamas by drumchick99

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