Saturday, May 1, 2010

Randomness Saturdays

This Saturday I'm good enough to post!

♥ Turns out that I had a bad reaction to the stitches used for my surgery. I took them off yesterday and luckily I will be ok in a couples of days. Can't wait to put all this behind me for good and start anew!

♥ Gabriel had his last baseball game and he proudly brought home a trophy. It just stroke to me our far he has come! Few months ago, when he was in the soccer team, it was really hard for him to understand what was going on and why. He's know A LOT more aware of the things that are happenings, he understands them, he LIVES them and enjoys them all and I enjoy watching him grown and getting better. I'm always more and more convinced that with love and work, he can turn autism around, call me a dreamer.

♥ Michelle went to a field trip with the school to the zoo.....she's still taking about the white tiger she saw and she's drawing tigers everywhere.....too funny!

♥ Since I was on pain killers during the past week, I don't have much to tell you. I kept forgetting things all week, sleeping several hours per day and be careful not to suffer too much when I ate stuff. Meh, not really interesting, sorry guys!

♥ I discovered some amazing movies tho. One is an evergreen in my opinion "Doorknobs and Broomsticks", they don't make movies good like that anymore! I watched it over and over with the kids and they loved the "witch". Never get tired to see this one. And yesterday night I had the pleasure to see "Avatar": I must say, it's simply amazing, I love the world with the blue people and I for one wish I could be one of them. They have skills and abilities that we've lost in our civilization process that I really wish we'd still have. The world will be a much better place in my opinion.

♥ I feel a little bit gloomy and "home" sick, I really wished my parents were around during this past week, I think it'd have been far more bearable, even tho hubby was fantastic, I really missed my mom and dad. And so this song tonight, sums up the feelings that I'm trying to push deep inside. I'm not able to get the code for the video, but it's "Home" of Micheal Buble'

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TheEclecticElement said...

I'm glad your feeling somewhat better! It's definitely no fun when your in pain (take it from someone who knows)>.<

It sounds like despite the fact that you didn't DO a lot, that it was still an eventful week!

I really hope you start feeling better soon and get back to 'normal'

Have a great week :D

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