Sunday, May 30, 2010

A lot to say!

A lot is being going on this week and I wasn't constant in updating my blog, so I'm left with a lots to day and many many people to thank.

Let's start shall we? With a little bit of personal life.....

♥ Early this week I went to my daughter school for the last field trip before school ends (way too SOON) and we had lots of fun playing outside in the water, coloring a paper fish and she looked adorable in the crab shirt that the teachers let her make.
More picture of that day are on facebook.

♥ Yesterday we celebrate the Memorial day going to the Pow Wow in Chipley and as you can see my kids had fun in an Indian dance. I never been at an Indian Pow Wow before and I'm not sure what to think of it since the weather was kinda of crazy and didn't really have the chance to look around. But it was nice to reconnect with family and I was able to meet with my hubby's aunt that is grieving: I was pleased to see that she's coping really well and find some peace.
I took few more picture and if you'd like to see a real Indian, you can find them on facebook.

♥ I passed my last 2 tests for the Child Care Training. This week I'm going to take few more questions trying to earn CEU (just in case) and I will have to get my finger prints taken (yet again) and let the police to a background check on me and I'm in game.....who's hiring???

Regarding business: is not going so well for me. I cannot hide it, May was my worst month in 2 years and I'm very disappointed....Was it me? Did the surgery threw me off so bad? Did people stop shopping? I don't know. I'm trying to do the best I can with what I have and doesn't look so encouraging. But I do have awesome friend out there in the web, always ready to pick me up when I'm down, so I'm here to thank them:

♥ Thank you to Five Little Gems for including my cupcake washcloths in her treasury.

♥ Thanks to Julie from Creations With Heart for including my cupcake pincushion in her Top 10 Handmade creations

♥ Thank you Lori from the Risky beads (BTW she's running a FREE SHIPPING promotion) for featuring my cupcake key chain on the Handmade Highway blog.

♥ Last ,but not least, I want to thank Anne from Made for me by Oaklie for offering me a free ad spot on The Gift Shop for the month of June as a thank you for featuring other people. I found it incredibly sweet!!!

I hope you'll are having a wonderful Memorial day Weekend: let's not forget the soldiers that die for us every day and the ones that did so in the past.

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3 Peeps Designs said...

You sure do have a lot going on! Glad your tests went so well and you are almost ready to work. I hope you find a job quickly. Sales in my Artfire shop have slowed to almost nothing, too. Here's to things picking back up!

Crocheted Little Things said...

Thank you so much!!!!! ♥

Creations With Heart said...

Wow! You're one busy lady! Thank you for the ever-so-sweet mention in your post! I'm glad you had a wonderful weekend too! Things seem to be slow all around. Keep positive thoughts! Continued success to you and the rest of our handmade family!! =]
❤ ~Julie

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