Thursday, May 13, 2010

A shop I love: Grace Hester Designs

Four Jungle Safari Animal Prints - Monkey, Giraffe, Lion, Elephant, $15 by Grace Hester Designs.

I came across Grace Hester Designs one day while posting giveaway on Etsy Giveaways and I realized that I had to blog about it, so here I'm.
Grace' shop is well stocked with Personalized Stationery, Animal Prints, Animal Prints ABCs 123s, Animal Prints (Collection), Family Keepsake Prints, Typography Based Prints, Silhouette Papercuts, Birth/Adoption/Baptism, Wedding/Anniversary Art, Giftcards/Frames.

Personalized or Custom Monogram (Single or Initials) Notecards and Envelopes Set of 12 in Choice of Colors, $20 by Grace Hester Designs.

Let's know more about Grace's world by herself:
"Welcome to Grace Hester Designs on Etsy. Originally from Singapore, now living in the US. I enjoy designing and creating products for the busy moms who appreciate modern and personalized products. Most of my designs are silhouette- or typography-based as I gravitate towards simple and fuss-free aesthetics.

I have 2 young daughters, a two-year-old, and a five-year-old who are often “featured” in my banners. They are the inspiration for all of the items in the store – and also the distraction most of the time as I prepare them by hand or on the computer. (But that’s the life I love)

My prints are printed on high-gloss and resin-coated photographic paper that allows the colors in my prints to show beautifully. The prints are smudge- and water-resistant and of archival-quality so they are perfect for keepsake prints meant to be treasured through the years. For all other artwork, I try as much as possible to use archival-quality materials and will note if I was not able to do so in the listing."

Personalized Silhouette Papercut of Child at Desk 8 X 10 (Not a Print), $35 by Grace Hester Designs.

"I also have a store that provides design and marketing services to Etsy sellers. Focus on promoting and developing new products and let me worry about creating banners, avatars, ads, and editing your photos for you at Grace Hester Services.
You are welcome to join me on my busy journey as a full-time working mom trying to find time to design, craft and create on my blog,
Grace Hester, on Twitter, becoming a Fan on Facebook or signing up for my mailing list for monthly promotions and mailing-list-exclusive specials."

Birth Date (Birthdate) or Adoption Keepsake Print Poster - 11 X 14 Typography - Island Colors, $30 by Grace Hester Designs

I hope All of you enjoyed reading and getting to know Grace as my as I do and pay her a visit ;)

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TheEclecticElement said...

She does have some seriously super cute things!

My favorite is definitely the wall hanging-Man, if only I had money to spend. LOL

Thanks for sharing!

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