Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday cupcake Find

This Monday I'm going to introduce Braggin' Rights Bath and her cupcake soaps!

Cupcake soap

Bath Bombs- 3 Mini Cupcakes in Hello Sugar type, $5 by Braggin' Rights Bath

The sweet sugary scent of "Hello Sweet Thang" is raw turbinado sugar, lemon zest, merengue, whipped cream, & Madagascar vanilla. It makes up for one yummy combination!

As these sweet, little mini “cupcakes” dissolve, they will fizz- while waves of fragrant bliss fill your senses, and luxurious moisture softens your body.

I have enriched these baby cupcakes with moisturizing raw shea butter- talk about a treat for your body! Your skin should feel as soft- if not softer than that of a baby‘s! Seriously!

Please use caution while getting in and out of the bath tub.

To Use:
Toss these fragrant mini bath cupcakes in the tub with you, sit back and relax- just let the day slip away….

The cupcakes are not a soap. Rubbing them directly on skin may cause irritation.

Will not stain your tub.
Mini scented bath cupcakes.

I need a bunch of those babies pronto!!

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Quirks said...

What? It's not food? Damn, they look delicious! :) Must not eat bath products, must not eat bath products....

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