Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday cupcake Find

This Monday is a smelly item from DebsDay!

Cupcake Tart
Cupcake Soy Wax Tarts...Package of 2, $2.65 by DebsDay

This is for a package of (2) tarts....All my tarts are made with a soy wax for a nice clean burn..

These tarts are highly fragranced with Vanilla Buttercream fragrance oil..It fill your home with the smell of freshly baked vanilla cupcakes.

Each Cupcake weighs appx. 1 oz and is 2" wide and 1"high.
Directions for Use: Place one tart in a tart burner (do not add water) and enjoy hours of fabulous fragrance..You can remelt the tart a few times until the scent is gone..There is approximately 8 hours of burn in each tart!!!

Do you have a cupcake to share with me??? XO

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