Saturday, September 18, 2010

Randomness Saturdays

Oh my, it's been a while since I did my last Randomness Saturday, uh? Did you miss it? I know I missed you'll incredibly! But here some updates.

♥ First Month of school: Gabriel is not doing so good :( His formerly teacher retired after few weeks of the beginning of the school and he still is with an assistant and in my opinion not getting the services he needs. He got bitten by fire ants of Tuesday, got home with a boo boo under his eye on Wednesday and got fever on Friday...what the h....?? Already complained with the school principal.
Michelle instead is doing pretty good and enjoying it too!

♥ I thought was a smart idea to go back to school. Only trouble is....I don't have the money, so I'm applying for every financial aid/scholarship I can find and just that it's like a full time job, oh my! I hope I get in! We'll see.

♥ Yesterday my hubby went to lunch out with some of his colleagues and he said that the waitress was hitting on him. When he made an effort to show her his left hand with the wedding band on, he saw the face of the girl turning so pale of embarrassment. I thought was funny!

♥ I'm running a little giveaway on twitter in honor of National Cupcake Week. Want to join me? I will pick a random winner among the people that RT this by tomorrow morning:
@piccoladonna RT this message for your chance to win a free #cupcake from my shop free shipping on #cupcakes

Good luck ;)

♥ Movies I watched lately.....hmmm I watched "Peter Pan" with the kids yesterday night 'cause I think it's an evergreen that every kid should watch. And my hubby is trying to convert me in the "Star Wars" saga, but I must say, it's really not my thing. oh well!

♥ Song of the week: Drops of Jupiter by Train

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