Thursday, September 30, 2010

September recap!

A little recap about this awesome month: September.
A lot happened, happens and I hope it will keep happening on September.

The month start with my dear daddy birthday and a week later, my brother's. Don't see them from almost 4 years, miss my daddy encouragements and my brother's jokes.
In between this 2 occasions, there is also a painful occurrence in my family: my grandfather (my dad's dad) death. This year have been 10 years. I didn't make a blog post entirely for him because I know that I wouldn't want to be remembered in a sad light, but rather for his strong spirit and for the fact the he was the bond of the family, with 8 children and 16 grand kids. He wasn't lucky enough to met my Gabriel, his first grand grand son. He also suffered of asthma and that's how he passed away in a cold night of September of 10 years ago.
I was there, with my father. We got a call in the middle of the night from my grandma asking for help and my dad asked me if I would accompany him. Was like 3 in the morning but was wide awake, so I went. I'm glad I did it because I had to drive my poor destroyed father at home.
I think my dad misses him terribly, but we always laugh thinking of my grandpa, because this is how he wanted it.

2 years after that cold night, I started dating my husband as I already write about it here.
I couldn't believe he wanted to date me too, I watched him from behind the ice creams that I used to serve him for over 2 months, thinking he was sooo out of my reach.
I'm glad I was wrong about that ♥

This month also is special because Gabriel completed his first year of being on a gluten-free diet with major results.
He's now wearing a size 8 without me having to fix it anything with my sewing machine, which I'm glad because he looked very skimpy in a size 6 pants what was just right in his waist, but too short on his ankles.
One more year to go and we'll be ready to slowly reintegrate some gluten in his diet to see if he can tolerate it. Life would be easier if he could, but still I'm just happy he's growing good on this diet.

I call September the purple month because is grape time.
I'm enjoying the fact that hubby's grandma has a vine and donate us lots of grapes and I had the ability to try my hand at making grape juice. Didn't get to make any jelly, but I did get some from my mother in law that was very good.
Envious?? Don't be! Here some grapes for you!

In Italy September is also back to school month: until i was in school I enjoyed so much going to shop for school supplies, the smell of new notebooks and used school text books, finding the right memo book to keep up with my million things to do.
Now that I'm a parent of 2, back to school is a lot of headaches, infinite waiting for school buses and this year a very big delusion with the school system that has Gabriel in care at the moment.

For a month that goes, another that comes! Stay tuned for October topics, like Halloween, Breast Cancer awareness, getting ready for holiday season and a little surprise, something a bit different from my "usual" me ;)

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TheEclecticElement said...

Wow, it sounds like September was a good month for you and your family!!

I hope October is just as good xD I can't wait to see what you have in store for all your readers!

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