Sunday, September 26, 2010

News from the handmade community.

Can you hear it? Can you smell it? The holiday shopping reason is fast approaching and you should start prepping for it.
That's what I'm doing, while looking around and valuating my opportunities.
I found some news and updates from selling venues that I'm going to share with you, so you can get ready too.
I must say, I'm partial: I love this site. Make really easy to put listings up with the 1 page listing process, the importer tool from etsy listing and a bliss to sell with features like the global editor, sale mode, sale labels and coupon options. Just to name a few. The recently rolled out new improvements, like the new front page featuring collection made my members and the a better karma/kudos (feedback) system.
They are running a super mega promotion now. If you go on Artfire right now and open a basic account of already have a pro account, if you opt for the Artfire deal, you'll be able to have a pro account for $5.95/month. Not matter if you joined yesterday or 2 hours ago, if you have a free account and opt with the deal you can have a pro account for $5.95/month. If you currently have a pro account, no matter what rate you got locked in, you can opt for the deal and pay $5.95/month from now on. The new rate will start October, 1st: make sure you opt for the deal before than so you can be in. I urge you to not miss this opportunity, for the tools and features that artfire has, the new rate is a steal! I'm currently pay $7/month and my sales aren't excellent, but I'm still able to make a profit.
Was a venue that really attired me 2 years or more ago. I really liked there, but in almost 3 years I mad one single sale. Not too bad but still....
They have rolled out a series of changes, now every store has a blog and users have the ability to join and create "Markets" kinda like 1000markets. I still find the listing process a pain in the....neck and the inability to connect with other sellers on there makes me feel kinda of lonely.
Anyway, I revamped and renamed my account and I will add more stuff in the next days, can't hurt. Here you go, giving it another shot, Cupcake Land:

On Monday, September 20, 2010, 1000 Markets was acquired by Bonanza (formerly Bonanzle). right now my shop is closed, 1000markets shut it down for inactivity (haven't listed anything there for a while), so I think I will have to wait for approval that it will be reopened and then I will have to make the transition to Bonanza. I do not have any experience with Bonanzle, so I can't tell you if this is a good thing or a bad thing, but I do know of sellers making sales there, so it can be all bad, right?
4. Etsy
What can I say? Where should I start? Well, let's see. Something happened around March and my shop there (still opened) simply died, disappeared from google and from customers eyes. I had big hopes, I put into it lots of work, I even made it to the front page one morning. Recently I was informed that I was one of the "victim" of the privacy issue with the treasury: my real name (instead of my username of etsy) was public on a treasury that I made months ago. Yesterday, I had a customer buy something or I must saying, trying to buy something but she couldn't: I ended up sending her a paypal invoice. They changed the feedback system and the rules about canceling transitions: now when a seller cancel a sale (for any reason) an automatic email is generated both to the seller and the buyer, stating that there are just 48 hours to leave feedback. Plenty room for non-payers to screw any shop over. It's a mess in my opinion. I had a dreadful spring and a dry summer: honestly, I don't except much from it for the holidays.
This is a venue that I haven't explored yet, but I want to in the near future. Not sure if I'll be ready for the holidays tho.

I guess that concludes my stroller around handmade venue. If you have experience with any other venue or want to share your experience with this venue, I will love to hear from you :)

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Miss Val's Creations said...

Great post Lu! I love Artfire and have had good luck with 1000 Markets. I'm not sure how the take over will change things. I gave up on Etsy a long time ago but still shop there! My Zibbet shop is yet to have any sales but I keep my postings up using the free listings.

Cathy said...

I love Artfire and have had several sales there during my first year. I just "opted in" for the "Pro" account and anticipate improved sales.

I also like Zibbet and have a "pro" account there also. Not as meany sales, but haven't promoted it as much either.

Just started on Etsy and don't have any sales there yet...we'll see how it goes over the next holidays.


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