Thursday, September 23, 2010

News from Gabriel's world.....

......and I'm in need of your prayers with this.

Many of you read on this blog about Gabriel progresses last school year.

But this year seems to be a whole different story.
It all started with some school changes that I didn't like at all, but took on board for the sake of my son of course:
1. He's in first grade, BUT there crammed all the first grader in the same classroom with the kindergarten. Same class, same teacher, same hours, same everything. Gave me the feeling that my old was "hold back" with younger kids instead of "moving forward" to get main streamed in second grade next year.
2. The lesson start at 7 am and the school is an hour away with the school bus. We wake up at 5.30 am and Gabriel leaves with the bus at 6.15 am in a cranky mood.

To that, add that the teacher in charge sent us a letter September 1st, saying that she retired August 31st. So: no teacher, just the assistant teacher and the therapists.
Here start all the problems.

Gabriel is already cranky in the morning due to the early hours.....what is that? This is a 6 yo going to first grade not a teenager going to high school. He goes to school and the assistant teacher is "stressed" 'cause they miss a person in the team and they have too many kids to it my fault? Is it Gabriel's fault? Of course not, but he gets screwed over nonetheless. He come home always in a bad mood, the assistant complaining about him, he's whining about not going back to school. And it's been a month.

But last straw was last week.
1. Gabriel got bitten by fire ants while playing on the school playground. 15 bites. Say what? Who wasn't watching him while the fire ants bite him all over the tummy, the back, his right arm and hand? Nobody.
2. Gabriel comes home with a little scratch, but it's right under his left eye. When I asked him what happened he told me he was pushed and fell over some toys. When I ask the "assistant" for an appointment to talk the last events over, she told me that he was fighting with another child over the same toy and when he got it, he pulled it too much and hurt himself in the eye. She also added that there was nothing to talk over and Gabriel was doing fine.

Now you have to understand that I'm a very calm and civil woman, but when it comes of my children, I'm a mad tiger and poor the people that try to walk all over me: I eat them with a roar.
I march to the school and not only the "assistant" refused to receive me, but I wasn't able to speak with anybody in charge, just a counselor.

You also have to understand that we were recently investigated by the DCF (the irony, I studied for them for an year) for a scratch on my daughter shoulder that was 10 time less "suspicious" that what Gabriel had now under his eye.
I believe in justice and I believe in fairness, maybe I'm naive, but if a law applies to me, I believe applies to everyone.
Of course, unless you're discriminating me for my country of birth, which is what I suspect happened with my daughter allegation.

The fact that the teacher is refusing to talk to me about whatever happened, it's enough in my eyes and heart to make her guilty of abuse and/or neglect.
If I was a judge, my wood hammer will go down while looking down to the teacher saying "GUILTY!"

I'm now pulling my son off that school and this morning me and hubby visited a wonderful private school that will do wonders for Gabriel. I must admit, we didn't know that this structure existed or would have looked into it much earlier. But now we do, and this is might be exactly what Gabriel needs to get to the point where he needs to be.
Many people have tested him and told me over and over that he can fully recover with the right therapy and help. I spent several sleepless night, trying to figure out what was this "right therapy and help" the we needed but we couldn't find and nobody knew where it went.....
Well, this is IT!
But of course is not so simple: the tuition is $40000,00. YUP!

You know how is like to be poor? Is like staring out of a bakery window with your belly screaming for hunger, but you don't have money to buy anything and you just stay there while watching people going in and out to get their freshly baked goods, every day. And you are there, smelling and watching, and maybe see that rich mom buying a cupcake for her kid, but the kid is so spoiled that it gives a bite and then decide he didn't want it anymore and threw it on the floor....and you're watching and your belly is still screaming for hunger and now your brain is screaming too......WHAT'S WRONG WITH PEOPLE? WHY I'M NOT THE LUCKY ONE?

Well, you're not the lucky one, I'm not the lucky one. I dunno who's fault is it but I do know I'm not gonna watch my kid going to waste. I'm gonna fight and I'm gonna get the money and give my boy the best of the best.

Pray for me, if you please.

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