Sunday, September 12, 2010

Soccer season started with a bang!

Yup, Soccer season started for Gabriel yesterday and it took a lot of work and LOTS of patience to convince him to go play. Of course, the hot temperature outside wasn't helping, but he tried. Eh.
We were well in the middle of the game when on kid kicked the ball that end up in Gabriel's face. Yes, people in full face. He obviously started to cry and the game stopped. The boy who kicked the ball (who has autism as well I believe) felt horrible while all the adults run over to see Gabriel's red face and to calm him down.
My biggest fear? Gabriel bleeds pretty easily from the nose, so when I ran up there, my heart was skipping bites at the thought to find his face covered in blood. But luckily the ball hit his forehead and after a good cry and a bag of ice, the coach asked Gabriel if he wanted to get back in game and my son, the trooper he is, said YES!
Went to hug the kid that kicked the ball on his face after listening to his apologies and understanding that was just an accident and off he went running and kicking and having fun! What a wonderful sweet little boy I have! I'm so lucky and feel so proud!
He even scored!

I wish he knew how big is his heart and how every day he's making little steps close to recovery! He can do it, he can do IT!
And he loved the new uniform shirt 'cause he told me he got number 6 and it's just right since he's 6 years old right now.

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Steph said...

Lu, what a sweet post! A little scary for until you knew Gabriel was ok but YAY for Gabriel that he went right back out there and so sweet that he hugged the other kid!

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