Sunday, June 7, 2009

Featuring Truly Bella

Tonight I'm here to illustrate my readers one of my etsy findings!
For Mother's day I received the sweetest gift from my very best friend Michele at sweetirie!
I was very touched by her gesture since every one seemed to have forget I'm a mom around here :(
And I was pleased and amazed by her choice, so I'm sharing with all of you my gift and where you can find it!
I found a cute little package to my door steps on a Saturday afternoon and when I opened it I found a very sweet pink package that smelled awesome!!! After removing the wrapping I finally saw it: A BEAUTIFUL CANDLE!!!! Like this one:

Except that mine had a fine rose smell......AMAZING!
All those candles are scented with natural essential oils and nothing else-no lab created scents. The maker use 100% soy wax for candles purchased from a small scale farm in the midwest and all of my glass candle jars are made in the USA.
After a little research I found the shop were this beauty come from and I finally got in touch with Lynsey, the owner of Truly Bella and I was pleasantly surprise of what I saw: not just Candles, but also Sachets, Coasters, Burp Cloths, Washies, Baby Gift Sets, Blankets

Set of Two Lavender and Mint Sachets, Farmer's Market, $6.50

Let's know Lynsey more closely:

"I'm 27, a native San Diegan, who recently quit her job as a counselor to pursue designing baby items full-time. My husband's in the US Navy and sewing keeps me sane while he is gone."

Cotton Chenille Burp Cloth Trio and Security Blanket, Pink, $32.50

"I use only top quality materials and am happy to offer any of my blankets, washies or burp cloths backed in organic bamboo fleece.
My goal is for everything to be simply beautiful, from the fabric to the shipping, packaging and everything in between. All items are gift wrapped in cheery tissue paper and coordinating ribbon."

Large Cotton Chenille Blanket, Poppies, $29.50

Truly Bella has a great promotion right now and is offering a FREE MATCHING BAMBOO WASHIE with every purchase and FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS OVER $50.00!!!

Stack of Five Washies, Pink and Cream, $15.50

So, don't waste any more time and pay Lynsey a visit to her Truly Bella shop!!!

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