Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Personal post

Today I feel sentimental, so not talking business, just personal :)

I'm recovering from a dentist visit....now I'm not a fan of dentists and there is a reason for it! Every time they touch my teeth is pain and...more pain for days!!! Right now it's pretty painful after being numb, no feeling whatsoever in my mouth...no fun!

But what I really what to share with my readers today is some picture from my son, Gabriel, end of year school party.
Some or my followers already know that Gabriel switched school just few months ago and I was really pleased to see him "in action" and feeling very comfortable
Gabriel is going to switch school again in a couple of days when summer school will start, but now I'm more confident that he's going to be fine. They will still work on his speech problem and start focusing on his writing skills and I hope his going to have fun and learn quick!!
In the meanwhile, we're going to set up an outdoor swim pool so he can still have fun while keeping up with his language issues.

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TheEclecticElement said...

Aw. Well it sounds that everything is going good for you!
Except for the dentist issue but I'm sure you will recover soon =]
Hopefully you and your son will enjoy the summer!
Sounds like you already have plans.

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