Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Featuring: evermoresoap

Hey there party people!!! Tonight I'm talking about another amazing soapist that I had the honor to met on twitter: Tiffaney, the owner of evermoresoap


That's what Tiffaney had to say about her business:

I started my beloved business, Evermore Soap Factory, in 2004 to promote the idea of
natural living and to sell products that went along with that ideal. As a student of
natural medicine I can provide myself and my customers with a healthy and satisfying
bathing experience.

Everything is made fresh-to-order, and you will not find any SLS or parabens here! There are enough chemical-ridden bath&body products out there, so why add to it? We use top quality ingredients to ensure a great product. Nothin' but sunshine, goodtimes and smiles!

Soap - RAINWATER Made with Essential Oils and LOVE, $5

I sell a full line of herbal soaps in all your favorite scents, as well as a plethora of natural bath products. Everything is handmade with love to encourage physical and mental well being.

In addition to my spa line, I also offer a wide variety of handmade items. I specialize in decoupage wooden boxes and other paper crafts. I take inspiration for my designs from simple things, like the beauty in everyday objects, and more exotic areas like vintage papers and fabrics. Most of my inspiration however comes from Mother Nature herself. As with my spa line, I strive to design artwork that creates an awareness and appreciation for the beauty and wonder of nature.

The Most Amazing BODY BUTTER Ever Available in MANY SCENTS, $13.50

Fantastic, doesn't it? So, let's how our support and let's check her shop out, you won't be sorry!!!

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TheEclecticElement said...

Now see, that is what I like to hear and see!!
I hope to study natural medicine in the future too so this artist hits close to home :D
I'm going to go favorite her right now!
Thanks for sharing.

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