Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Do you remember.....

.....my cupcake giveaway that I had on my blog a while ago??? The lucky winner was the sweet Meni From Spain that choose to receive the openable Christmas ornament.

This sweet girl enjoyed her prize so much, that she posted a cute video on her blog, Dalle un colhino. I recommend to go and watch it for yourself, I was really pleased!!!
Stay posted for a new giveaway!!

Also, last week my best friend Michele launched her new website, Sweet Irie and it's spectacular!!! Run over there and open yourself an account so you will never miss her precious sales and promotions! She was so very kind to put a link from her site to my etsy shop, Crocheted Little Things.

Last news, but not least: Last Saturday I took my first exam for the Child Care Training and today I knew the result.........PASSED! Bring on the next one now!

Until next time.....

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