Thursday, June 4, 2009

Featured on Shop Indie Online

Today I want to present to my readers an amazing web site that I had the luck to come across in my year on etsy. It's called Shop Indie Online and like the name says inform people about new findings inside the handmade world.
The blog owner is Chris, also owner of a cute jewelry shop on etsy.

Heart to Heart - Jungle Love Heart PendantAlign Center
I exchanged several messages with Chris and she's very kind and patient and I truly admire the job that she's doing on her blog. I had the honor to be featured several time with some of my creations and this time you can find a small interview that I had with Chris.

If you'd like to be interviewed too, it's really easy, just send an email to Chris and she will hook you up.
Also I'd like to show to the many indie sellers out there a wonderful opportunity to advertise their business through this site.
Chris is collecting money for a good cause in exchange to feature items in her gift guides. Go take a peek and for $1 you can donate money to the charity and have you ad displayed.
It's also possible to buy ad spaces for $5/month of the the side bar of the site and have you shop added to their directory or submit your giveaway hosted elsewhere for FREE.
I'm telling you, this site is a good source of traffic and good karma, the best thing in the word!

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