Sunday, April 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Michelle!

If you're a fellow reader, you'd know that Friday was my little girl's birthday, she turned 4 years old and I thought to dedicate an entire post to celebrate her.
In the picture above she's showing off the T-shirt I made for her. I crocheted a little hot pink cupcake with a candle on it just for her and I ironed the picture on it on the shirt to wish her an Happy Birthday. She was really happy about it and wore the shirt with proud all day.

We had a pink and chocolate cake in the evening when daddy came home and had fun making funny pictures. We ended the day in mommy and daddy's bed watching a movie, exhausted but happy!

I remember when I found out I was pregnant for the second time..well, almost 5 years ago! I was at my last year of my master in Biology of Nutrition and I was studying night and day to get all done before hubby will get out of the military and we will have to move. We bought a big swim pool to set up in our yard so little Gabriel could have fun in it while I spent every moment on the book trying to get as much as possible done. Then one day it hit me that I was late and was not mistakes: I was waiting another child. I remember feeling so tired all of sudden and panic tightening my throat....How was I going to do it all?? We were moving TO ANOTHER COUNTRY in less that a year.....I remember fear taking place deep inside, I remember getting so sick and nauseated that I couldn't stand straight and I remember not being able to sleep AT ALL....The something magic happened: I found an old hook and a spool of abandoned thread at my moms house in a restless day where I couldn't even pick up Gabriel without feeling to faint and the rest is history! I made so many things and I was able to open a shop to sell them!

Michelle, my little baby girl that look so much like me to scare myself sometimes, was the inspiration behind all that happened from that day on.

The night before Easter, April 15th 2006 I woke up in pain. I didn't think she was coming yet, the doctor kept saying it will be around the 21th. But around midday of April 16th there was no doubts.....she was coming, no matter if I was ready or not.
And finally around 3.30 pm that day the nurse come to pick me up from my room, by time my feet touched the ground I broke my water and she was in my life!

She's a very strong girl and already had her fair share of trouble. Right after was born (a pink bundle with very big and bright green eyes) we notice that the frenul under her tongue was shorted than it should have been, she had trouble suctioning milk from the bottle (I have a genetic condition that doesn't allow me to produce milk for my babies) and later on she had real troubles eating solid food, so before she was 6 months old she had to undergo surgery. I remember that day at the hospital, the surgery was very brief and not invasive at all and Michelle was very brave but she looked at me with a very mad face all day like to day: "Why did you let that guy touch me like that?" Was too funny! But that afternoon, she was finally able to eat her cereal and a little bit of smashed food and that night - the first word!!!! MA-MA!!
We were in Italy at that time, living at my parents as my husband left to come here in Florida when Michelle was barely 1 month old. It took time for them to bond together when we were all finally reunited, but now there is not doubts that she's daddy little princess, Gabriel's best friend and the color of my life.

She's very artsy and the walls of my house can testimony for that! There is no day spent that Michelle doesn't have a mark and literally leave her "mark" somewhere for me to find and no matter how huge is the mess, I can't bring myself to be mad at her when she shows it to me with much proud!

Her favorite food are Gold fish Crackers, chocolate, ice cream and pasta. She also really big on broccoli and green veggies tho!

Her favorite colors are pink in every shade, green and yellow. She loved Winnie The Pooh when she was a baby and now she's in jungle animals. We have all kinds of stuffed animals around the house (lions, hen, jaguar, elephant, dogs, cats, birds, you name it) and she's planning to ask Santa Claus for a very tall giraffe.
Whatever she wished for on her birthday candle, I'm sure will become true! Love you Michelle, with all my heart.....Your Mommy.

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