Saturday, April 10, 2010

Randomness Saturdays

Ready for this one too?? Let's get started!
♥ Gabriel's update: He played like a catcher today at the baseball game as you can see from the picture above. He was really uncomfortable in the gear and I heard him complaining with the coach a couple of times, but he did stay to his post trying to catch the ball even tho he couldn't see out of the heavy helmet. I'm really proud of him!!
He had a rough week and he still has a cough that I don't like not even a little bit. Tuesday there is a check up to the doc to see what's up!

♥ Michelle's update: She's literally driving me nuts coloring and drawing all over the walls in our house! She's back to school and she's enjoying herself! Also,thanks to you'll votes, she won the content for the Kid Of the Month of Everyday Moms: I had to write a little paragraph about her and if you wish you can read about here

♥ Business: My Etsy shop is still in its limbo, but business is picking up everywhere else, so it's just a matter of time I guess.

♥ Yesterday I got in the mail another prize that I won from Mommy reads too much, the sister site of Taking time for Mommy
I Won the book "The Moon looked down" of Dorothy Garlock and I started reading it right away. Mommy reads too much is a cool blog and I recommend to check it out often if you wish to win lots of wonderful books!

♥ Saw the movie Julie&Julia yesterday night and I love the message: put your head into it and no matter what life will trow at you, if you believe it it will happen! Hope this is an inspiration for many out there, I sure needed some.

♥ Time to leave you with a fave song: You'll be in my heart by Phil Collins. That's what I'm listening right this second and I hope you'll enjoy too!

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