Saturday, April 17, 2010

Randomness Saturdays

Another Saturday, another post!

♥ Kids: Gabriel lost another tooth, you can see his new "dental" picture on my facebook. He got his report card and he's constantly heart swallowing from proud. We also had his weight checked and he gained 5 full pounds YAY! I can see he's eating more, hopefully he will keep at it and grow grow grow as he should! We celebrated Michelle's birthday yesterday and I will have a post all for her up tomorrow :)

♥ Man, was I busy!! and almost had not time to crochet at all. But ideas are forming in my head and you can be sure there will be new scrumptious items up soon.
Also, I will start donating 10% of my profit for the autism cause, it's totally worth it.
Also I hade the honor to be included in a fab collection called RAINBOW on FoundHandamde with my Rainbow granny square earrings
Rainbow granny square earrings

♥ I bought a book about soap-making...I'm dieing to try my hand at it from a while now, so watch out 'cause you never know what is coming out from my hands lol

♥ My teeth are killing me!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm going to have a little surgery to remove all four of my wisdom teeth since they ache so much. The dentist will need to put me to sleep completely, so if you don't see me post for a while, that's why. But don't you worry I will prob will be back soon :)

♥ We watched "The Princess and the Frog": I must say...AMAZING and funny and romantic and need to watch it!!

♥ Song of the Week: I Can go the distance for the animation movie "Hercules"

Yes, I truly believe I can go the distance and find my way where I belong.

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Robin Hartman said...

You've been awarded the sunshine award:

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