Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday cupcake Find

A little bit late, since I'm still recovering, But I lurked at the shop of my friend Kim on facebook and I couldn't resist.
This Monday I'm going to introduce vabeachquilter and her toddler totes!

Toddler Tote

Toddler Tote, $16.95 by

What a cute tote for a little girl!

Makes a great gift. Now your little sweetie can have her own tote...just like Mommy's!

Tote measures approx. 6" w x 5" h x 3" d.

It should be spot cleaned and air dried. The tops are attached by fabric glue and might come off it soaked in water or put into a dryer.

If, for some reason, they do come undone, reattach with fabric glue and let air dry.

NOTE: There are no removeable small parts, so this is a great tote for girls under 3. The handle was sewn with a triple seam and will not come unattached.

If it looks like a cupcake, it shaped like one and is colored like one....well must be a CUPCAKE no matter how Kim calls them!

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